Before construction of your new dream home can begin, the appropriate financing must be obtained. Unfortunately, Olson Custom Homes does not provide this service directly; however, we are willing and able to lead you in the proper direction to easily and affordably receive the funds necessary to begin the building of your new beautiful home.

OCH Financing ImageFirst, for a permanent mortgage loan, Tom & Suzette Bartosh at Prime West Mortgage, are an excellent choice. Their extensive combined years of knowledge and expertise will effortlessly guide you through the permanent home mortgage loan process. We highly recommend you utilize their services with the contact information provided below:

Next, once you receive your commitment letter from the mortgage company, you can bring it to our loan officer, Alecia Bland at First Financial Bank, whom with we have had years of positive experience. Then, she will use your commitment letter to obtain a new home construction loan for you and will personally advise you on all the information you need to know about the loan. Here is Alecia’s contact information:

Lastly, we can begin construction on your new custom-built dream home. Although not absolutely necessary, in order to speed along the process and to save the precious time and energy of everyone involved, we would urge all of our clients to seek out proper home financing either from our preferred companies listed above, or from your own financing choices, before meeting to discuss the construction of a new home.